Getting you Home Christmas Ready

By: Rick Mayhew

Getting you Home Christmas Ready

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Prepping for the holidays can be stressful — there's no doubt about that. But with proper planning, you can enjoy a relaxing time with friends and family without the worries.

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Just follow these helpful, last-minute tips to guide you in the right path of a stress-free season.

Spruce Up the Main Spaces

Don’t worry about getting every nook and cranny. Put your focus on the main areas in your home that guests will be seeing like the front porch, entryway, kitchen, living room and bathrooms. Easily declutter spaces with a laundry basket you can hide away in your closet. A quick dusting with an old sock isn’t a bad idea, either.

Use Seasonal Scents

Have your home smelling delightful with holiday-scented candles or stovetop scents that will warmly welcome your guests as they enter the home.

Set the Table

It's time to bring out the fancy dishes. Create a lovely, festive tablescape complete with printable place-cards, color-coordinated dinnerware and fresh, seasonal blooms.

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Clean the Fridge + Oven

If you plan on cooking the holiday feast, it's a good idea to start by cleansing the fridge and giving the oven a deep clean. Another tip? Plan ahead and figure out what food you can make beforehand. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to prepare a big dinner for your guests in a day. Pies and side dishes can be prepped a few days before, so all you need to do is bake them.

Prepare for Houseguests

Make your guests feel welcomed and loved by taking the time to tidy up the guest room and bathroom for those friends or relatives staying for a few nights. Be sure they have plenty of clean towels, toiletries, blankets and pillows to make them feel right at home.

Clean the Floors

While it may seem like a daunting task, cleaning your own floors without the help of a professional is possible. We have all the tips you need to clean carpet, vinyl, hardwood and tile. Get expert advice for every floor type besides carpet here.

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Be Prepared for Baby

If you don't have kids of your own, your guests that do have kids will thank you for spending the time to make sure the home is baby-proof. Just being aware of what baby can reach is a good method to go by.

Build a Fire

Up the cozy factor with a crackling fire going as you entertain your guests. Keep fuzzy blankets handy for those not as close to the fireplace. Enjoy cocktails and conversation with your company — you deserve it!

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